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This site is now closed

  and has been left here

  for historical reference




           Sydney Time



   Copyright © Ric Einstein 2009




This is a catch all section which features serious topics (Snippets), Events, Funnies and other matters.

These items generally don't warrant a complete story in their own right, but are still worthy of space.

Also, wine can be so seri-arse and sometimes we go overboard in our vinous obsessions.
The funnies are devoted to a humorous look at the lighter side of wine, as long as its not so light you can c-through it.



Snippet:  Holy Bowen Batman - Or Cutting off Your Nose to Spite Your Face


Snippet:  Grange 2004 Commeth and the unscrupulous retailers are at it again


Snippet:  It Had to Happen!  - Fosters to attempt to capture more of the domestic wine market


Snippet:  The Fosters Wine Asylum - More insanity from the inmates


Snippet:  Is The Cleanskin Business Clean?  - Get Wines Direct get caught up again.... but who is to blame?    


Snippet:  Bits and Pieces of 2009 Vintage Information


Funnies:  Three Hillbillies - The Two Bigots and Dr Davo Touring West Oz


Snippet:  Five in One - Five snippets on various topics ranging from a bloody wacky political idea, snake oil, vintage, Diam, and more


Funnies:  Finally, A Wine Glass That Makes Sense!


Snippet:  Ugly - More on the industry woes that are coming our way


Snippet:  More From The Mailbag - Topics include Paterson's musings, and a couple of insightful perspectives on...


Snippet:  From The Mailbag - Topics include Replacement of Corked Wine, A French Wine Lovers Perspective, and the dreaded 'T' word


Snippet:  It Ain’t Over Till The Fat Lady Sings - Corporate Bastardry Part Two


Funnies:  Brilliant video of a wine con-a-sewer in action.


Snippet:  Interesting video of Penfolds Re-corking Clinic


Snippet:  More Holes Than Swiss Cheese - The Latest Shonky Wine Device


Funnies:  New Wine for Seniors


Funnies:  I've made a decision


Snippet:  A New Handle - One of the largest US importers of Oz wines ditches a number of brands


Snippet:  A Helping Hand Across the Water  - What has golf, South Africa and Oz wine got to do with each other?


Snippet:  This Weeks BS Alert - The wine industry is in danger of losing its honest reputation thanks to this sort of behaviour


Readers Views: Comments, Thoughts and Feedback from Gerald in the US - Covers a range of subjects


Snippet:  Hardy's Chickens Come Home to Roost - Detail and commentary on the selloff's, layoffs, closures, and product line rationalisation


Snippet: How to Sell Fine Wines to Top Restaurants - The inside poop on what goes on in the fine wine business


Snippet: Parkers Secret is Out -  But I don't geddit


Snippet: They do they believe this crap - More pleasant perfume topped with a whiff of flatulence    


Snippet: False Advertising - Get Wines Direct Crosses The Line


Snippet: It had to eventually happen - The Southcorp Chickens Come Home to Roost


Snippet:  Alcopop Tax Stupidity - This makes the oxymoron of "Army Intelligence" look intelligent


Snippet:  Are Grange Buyers Stupid? - Peter Gago seems to think so.


Snippet:  I am Confused! - Is wine good for you or not?


Snippet:  Corporate Bastardy Lives On - A leopard does not change its spots just because it changes its name


Snippet:  Half of what you read is bull and the other half is ****


Funnies: Why Beer is Bad For You


Snippet:  Wirra Wirra's Woes - Wow! The pictures say it all.


Not Wine Related (and certainly not funny) - The Good The Bad and the Downright Ugly of Web Hosting


Snippet:  Fleas, Spam and Other Serial Pests - You wouldn't want to do business with these guys


Snippet:  POME Wowsers at it Again - More proposed insanity from the do-good brigade


Funnies: Wine and Health - This sums it up nicely


Snippet:  French Court Loses the Plot - wine articles now require health warnings


Funnies: The Way You Sleep After Drinking - Guaranteed to bring a smile to your dial


Snippet:  Tesco man gives our wine exporters an earful - and the room reeks of bull$hit


Funnies : Its Official - The lunatics are running the wine selling asylum - you wont believe this one!


Funnies: Wine related Which would you rather have?


Funnies:  News - Stop the presses -  NSW Wine Distributor Runs for Federal Parliament


Snippet: Like a Bad Smell, They Don't Go Away - everything you need to know about not investing in wine


(Not so) Funnies: The Worst of Both Worlds 


Snippet: Slack journalism or do they believe this crap  - A good rant!


Snippet: The Mollydooker/Parker Debate aint going away any time soon (8 comments)


Snippet: Oh Dear Me Some interesting comments in the press re Fosters Results are analysed


Snippet: The Debate and Fallout Continues  (4 comments)   


More comments caused by Halliday's remarks on Mollydooker - and TORB crosses swords with ...... 


Funnies: Politically incorrect and sexist, but certainly wine related. 


Snippet: Yanks Get Their Knickers in a Twist  (11 comments)


Some of our friends on the Robert Parker/Squires Forum are not happy with James Halliday!


Funnies: Two Different Perspectives - His and Hers!


Snippet: Hunting Season  (6 comments) 


Grange is no longer the trophy!


Snippet: How to Rip off Mug Investors


This may explain the stupid prices Heritage paid for their investment inventory.


Funnies: The way things used to be!


Snippet:  Marketing Wine to Women  (2 comments)


Two different approaches


Funnies: More strange than funny. Two Press Reports


Funnies: Flacco on Wine and Oz Politics (Once at the site, click on the "Show Transcript" link.)


Funnies: Chateau Furking Expensive H20


Interesting article on


Snippet: From “Greed and Ignorance” to “Avarice and Stupidity ” (11 comments)


Wine or $$$$$ greed - you will have to see this to believe it!


Funnies: An Office Essential


Snippet: More on the Heritage Investment (sic) Wine Fiasco


The latest details from the Liquidators, and the news is not good.


Snippet: The Scourge of the Wine Forums (6 comments)


The title says it all!


Snippet: French Delusions of adequacy


Welcome to the real word.


Funnies: Only in America - Bad year for wine license plates in Utah


Snippet: "Do these guys believe their own bovine manure?


Marks and Sparks think the days of high alcohol wine are over. (3 comments)


Snippet: Micro-Oxygenation and The New Wine for the 21st Century


All you need to know in simple language

Snippet: Why basket presses impress higher-end winemakers


The Pros and The Cons, According to the Pros - this is worth reading.


Funnies: Water and Wine Education


Another great reason why wine is good for your health.


Snippet:  Heritage Fine Wines  (PDF)


The latest poop on what's happening with the liquidation of the plonk.


Funnies: Sherry - some things are meant to be


An interesting story of how TORB can into possession of Sherry, normally not his preferred choice.


Funnies: The Royal Family


Does this stink or what?


Snippet: Foster's looks at culling its wine portfolio


The move that everyone expected!


NWR: Dog Mobiles


How TORB's family get around town.


Snippet: Is this the most tasteless wine snobbery of all times?


Penfolds Lauches New Members-Only Grange VIP Club and Concierge Service


Funnies: Government Warning about Alcohol Free Days


Download a small Word file for a good laugh


Funnies: NWR: Every Wonder Why Some People Do Well at Work?


Snippet: Wine Forum Moderation or blatant censorship


You Be the Judge (8 comments)


Snippet: Caveat Emptor


Auction house playing fast and loose with the facts. (5 comments)


Snippet: Foster's Annual Results and Plans


Some surprises here, but the cynical wine lover may not think so. (3 comments)


Funnies: Brighten your day


Politically true and Old Age


Snippet: Glug - Glug


Don't let the facts get in the way of a personal agenda.


Funnies: Something to Brighten Your Day


Famous Sex quotes


Snippet: The cork spin witchdoctors are at it again.


Funnies: Office Party


Thanks to Kris Goman for this one!


Snippet: Shonky marketing


Even Constellation's own staff doesn't want to drink their wine, even if they don't have to pay for it!  Or as one wag put it, Constellation couldn't organise a piss up in a pub.


Funnies: This winemaker


Is a brave man!

Funnies: Have a smile time 


 A very unusual way of "picking" ripe grapes!

Reality: TORB's Cellar

Take a quick tour around a very unusual cellar!

Grange and Coke

The title says it all; but does it?

Bloody Meat Poi's

I knew it would happen; I am just surprised that it took so long (all of a week) but Cross's Pie Laws have found to have been lacking and a new law has now been added. Compulsive reading .... well for all you "sick" meat pie junkies.

Australian Translation of French Wine Terms

An Australian finally gets o understand what the French mean when describing Bordeaux

Torb's Staff

My top flight secretarial helpers hard at work

As a Winemaker, Do You Laugh or Cry?

This could only happen in real life. 

The Philosophy of Life and Wine

A great approach to life!

Coffee Lovers Funnies Time

A real life coffee addicts perspective

The Christmas of Scrooge McPlonk

We have all read the classic Christmas tale but this version has been written with the Oz wine lover in mind. The more you know about Oz wine and the wine industry, the more you will appreciate this story which is irreverent, humorous and worth reading over a glass of good FRS (that's fizzy red $h*t.)

Don't get caught with your pants down

An interesting wine label

A rough night of partying

Good for a quick laugh

For those that believe in the 100 point wine scoring system


          Have a look at this one


Grange-O-Mania - is it worse than SARS?


          A very light hearted look at 1998 Grange Fever and bound to raise a few eyebrows

          and hopefully generate a few chuckles.     

If you think Corked Red are bad

           This is a great example of revenge

Drinking and remaining healthy

           My doctor told me that three glasses of wine a day is the perfect amount if I am to remain healthy - no worries!

What shade of red bigot are you

My good mate commonly known on wine forums all round the world as "Murray Oz" recently commissioned a poll on
Auswine Forum that took a humorous look at the shade of peoples red bigot prejudice. As Murray is not a red bigot, Red Bigot himself added a few.

Truth in labelling


This one has an interesting label and one of the most truthful you will ever see.