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This site is now closed

  and has been left here

  for historical reference




           Sydney Time



   Copyright © Ric Einstein 2009





A major feature of this area of TORBWINE will be to bring you tasting notes of wines that have not been released yet or have just been released, so check back often to see whats new. If you subscribe to the “Irregular Update” you will be advised of new wines tasted.

Over 3,700 Tasting Notes are stored are on the site, and you are welcome to use this search function to look for what ever may interest you.

You can search for any of them here:    

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 Recently tasted wines have been divided into three categories, click on the required category below or use the search engine
  Yet to be Released Wines (updated 5 August)
  Recently Released Wines ((updated 25 March)
  Older Wines (updated 23 April)


Retailers and wineries are welcome to use these tasting notes provided they are attributed to TORBWine or Ric Einstein and that they are not selectively edited or taken out of context.