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This site is now closed

  and has been left here

  for historical reference




           Sydney Time



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TORB's Family


I have three dogs and two cats.


Sam, an obnoxious (tautology) Poodle adopted me when he was 10 weeks old; that was 13 years ago and I have been trying to get rid of him ever since. It looks like the only way that is going to happen is if I run away from home and don't leave a forwarding address.


Goofy the Newfie is not as silly as his name suggests; his kennel name is Planhaven Professor and considering my name is Einstein, its quite apt! Goof is four years old and a big gentle giant of a baby that loves hugs and cuddles from anyone who wants to be obliging with their affection.


Red is a three year old Golden Retriever and named after my favourite colour beverage. The boy never stop smiling and is always happy.


Tokay is a Blue Point Rag Doll cat that is a product of the November 2004 vintage.  He is layback, and a real sook but  loves attention.


(Cranky) Muscat is a Blue Point Himalayan and a day younger than Tokay. He is very talkative and always lets you know whats on his mind. For a Himmie, he is very affectionate.


Both the cats are besotted with Red and love curling up next to him.









Copyright © Ric Einstein 2005