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More Wine Scams (31 Oct)

When I started to write the story TORB and the Dom Perignon Scam I never dreamed that whilst it is prolific, it is only one of a number of wine scams doing the rounds. And the scams are not limited to a base of Nigerians wanting London delivery.


In a segment on Sydney current affairs TV in the last few days, they featured a story about Nigerian conmen using internet cafes in Sydney's southern suburbs. Unfortunately the scumbags from the Nigerian crime syndicate have landed here too. The guy the TV interviewer chased down the street (continually yelling "when did you stop beating your wife ")  looked as pretty as a rugby front row forward and was about the size of one too.  


Anyway, here are a few more scams that work differently or have a twist. (The last one will have you in stiches.) The first was sent to me by Mark Cohen, its a beauty.


From []
Sent: Wednesday, 24 October 2007 5:37 PM
To: sales@xxxxxxxxx

Dear Sir/Madam,

How are you and all brisk business to you.
Today I am very honoured to see your fine products on the website. We are a large chain of retailers and looking for a manufacturer who could supply us with large and steady and a wide range of products for our market.

All the time, our least order is 400,000 dollars. Our terms of payment are normally within 3 days after signing purchasing contract by T/T. Would like to send your website and price list to us? Thanks in advance.
Looking forward to your earliest reply
Best Regards
Sincerely yours,
Gary Huang
Guilin Shengwei Trading Co.,ltd
Tel: 0086-773-2828xxx
Fax: 0086-773-2829xxx
Address: Room xxx, Office building,, Zhongshan zhong Rd, Xiufeng District Guilin, Guangxi Province, P.R.China
Post code: 541001


I don't know how this one is supposed to work, as I thought that telegraphic transfers were irrevocable. Also, how would they get the wine before the payment bounced. What I think may happen is that the vendor supplies them with their bank details and their account is cleaned out somehow.


Here is another con that was faxed to Dennis at Flagship Wines in Sydney. Its a doozey. The fax theoretically originated in the US, but the guy's email is from Manill so  it's another Nigerian scam.  


Subject.' Attention SALES MANAGER
Sender: "Janka Albert Ramirer" <janalbert@inMaila124.OO>
Date:Thursday. October 16, 2007 1946:37

Hello Sales Manager,

Good day,

My Names is Albert, I will like to know it you could be able to supply me with the following wine below for my son up coming wedding on Last Saturday of November:


So kindly get back to me with pricing and availability in the stock, so that i can advice with quantity needed on each, and type of credit card you do accept for payment (Visa & MasterCard).

Awaiting your response via email or fax, so that we can proceed from there.

Warm Regard,
Janka Albert Ramirez
USA- Fax; 1206202XXXX


Dennis did a little follow through on this one.  He sent Albert an email asking where the wedding was to be held and for further details. Here is the response.


Thanks alot for your respond and i really appreciate it so much that you tell me about the present situation on the order i want to place and i will like you to check your stock for the available ones you have among the list i fax to you and let me know the price for it and how many of it you have in the stock presently and the WEDDING is going to take place in West Africa , Nigeria .

Shipping address :
David Oladeji Obadimeji
59 Lewis Street Lafiaji Area
Lagos Island  Lagos  State Nigeria

Here is another one sent to me by Cecelia at Schubert Wines. The email said, "We frequently receive emails such as the attached from "John Hurt". The attached is obviously a scam but at times we get some from other sources that sound almost genuine in offering to import/export/buy our wines. We dismiss any casual approaches (especially obvious fakes) a however I know of two small wine producers (desperate for a sale) who sent samples to England, Russia and China on a similar request that they thought were genuine."

The English, as well as the request is so bad that you can't help laughing when you read it. This poor bunny won't be getting rich with this attempted scam.


Good day and how are you i hope you are doing real good and alright i wish you a lovely production and sale these season, i am interested
in ordering for some wines from you to my location in them United kingdom, I will be paying with my Credit Card for you

to charge in US funds, in regards to shipping i am aware of the shipping problems wineries encounter in getting wines shipped so i will have you
contact a shipping agent which i have used in the past to pick-it up from your winery and get them shipped to my location. I await your urgent reply as to
the request as soon as possible.

John Hurt


N:B : I do will like you to kindly get back to me with your reply a list available wine in stock in the winery and also a link to the websites of your lovely blended

Here is another con from Mark Cohen - this guy is really popular! Hurry up and die!


Thanks to Mark Maxwell of Maxwell Wines for this one.  (28 Nov)


From: Terry Clark []
Sent: Monday, 26 November 2007 1:51 AM

My name is Terry Clark, an Australian .
I live and work here in Seoul, South Korea.
Actually when I was around last year for chistmas holiday, I got a bottle of of one of your wines from a friend and I love the taste .Since then , I have been planning on getting your wines for my birthday party ...coming up fourth week of December here in Seoul, South Korea.
I will be making my payment via my Australian based credit card .
You are not shipping the wines ....The wines will be picked up at your winery by a licensed shipping agency .This shipping agency have all the appropriate exportation documents and permits .
I got your contact thru your website and I want to know if you will be able to supply me some cases of wines for my upcoming birthday .
Concerning the shipping of the wines , I will refer you to the shipping company that will come for the pick up of the wines in your winery once I have made my payment .
Kindly get back to me so that I can make my orders .


Notice its from a Hotmail address. Secondly for someone who purports to be from Australia and has an Anglo Saxon name, the English is fractured. The wine is being picked up by an agent. There is no mention about price of the wine, or indeed even what wine the guy would like. Also, when buying wine that is being exported, there are GST and WET considerations/rebates, he hasn't even asked about these.  


Here is another one from Mark Cohen. He must be the luckiest guy in Christendom getting all these people who want to buy his products. (30 Nov)

-----Original Message-----
From: Smith Kingsley []

Dear. Sir/Madam,

I am a consultant here in republic of Benin and my name is Mr.Smith Kingsley and I understand through the internet that your company is dealing on many products and wishes to expand your markets to foreign markets.

I have endbuyer here in republic of benin that is looking for an exporter that can supply this products to them here in republic of benin and in large quantity base well, its is a pleasure to associate with you for marketing and distribution of your products and believe you will accord us the co-operation for this exercise.

kindly implore you to forward us the full specification of your products, Catalogues, prices, and general terms and conditions of payment etc for our markets study, we have a buying company that is capable of purchasing your product in a large quantity with their cash here in republic of benin in west africa.

We will like you to send your reply through our company email address below:
Address: 85 Missebo Cotonou Republic Du Benin

Thanking you as we anticipate that this will lead to a mutual co-operation.

According to Mark, Benin is a shocker and 5 years ago they actually nearly exported wines there, but their bank couldn't trace the company. Mark now rates anything coming from Bennin and Nigeria as 100% fraudulent, under any circumstance.


Update (20 Dec)


This one was sent to me by a couple of wineries and it had me fascinated, so I decided to try and get to the bottom of it. Here is the original email.


I am Rev. James Peters of St.Pauls Cathedral London. I want to book dinner for my church committee members that will be coming
for a conference at your area. They will all come for dinner in your place from the 20th, 21st,22nd,23rd and 25th February, 2008 by 7:00pm each day.
They are 15 in number.

Get back with your response if there is availability in your restaurant,so that i can book immediately with my credit card. I shall be waiting for your prompt response so that we can proceed with the payment arrangements.
Warmest Regards,


Like all of these scam/cons, this also uses an anonymous web based email address. Can you imagine a Reverend from one of the most famous cathedrals in the UK having to use a Yahoo email address? Also, why would they want to eat at the same place for five nights in a row, especially when they are supposedly visiting a foreign country. Another one that smelt as bad as a teenage boys bedroom. How this one worked had me intrigued. I speculated that the way it could possibly work was if they paid for the meals up-front and then later cancelled and asked for a refund to a different credit card, so I decided to play along. A number of emails went backwards and forwards until we had agreed on three different menus for the five different nights at three different (unnamed) restaurants and I had quoted a price. My email asked for a 50% deposit of  $2625. Here is the response - its a heck of a surprise.


Dear Ric,
How are you today?How are you also getting along with the enchantments of the yuletide?
Thanks for your reply and assistance so far.I will make a deposit of $2,625.00 to you in advance to confirm the booking.More so i' comfortable with the terms and conditions you stated .

Dear,there is a little problem we are having concerning the payment for the flight and other required logistics.The agent that is taking care of this logistics informed me that their credit card charging system is faulty and is under going online upgrading and can not charge cards at the moment.The travel/flight agent is in charge of the following services:

1) The processing procurement of flight ticket.

2) The handling and processing of the guests luggage.

3) The arrangements and booking of airport transfer/pickups both on arrival and on departure.

Now i'm suppose to pay for the booking.I don't really buy the idea of giving my credit card details to more than one person. I want to ask if you could assist us to charge your cost and the remaining balance of the agent which will amount to [$10,625.00] into your account,deduct the  eposit which is[$ 2,625.00] and pay [$8,000.00] to the Agent whose information i will give to you once this is confirmed.This will enable him pay up remaining bills for our flight and other logistics.

Confirm this message and provide me with your
(3) PHONE NUMBERS for office record.
And i will advice my credit card details to you.

Please kindly get back to me so i can send my credit card details to you immeiatelly for charging.Remain blessed as we hope to have a memorable dinner with you.Please you can as well contact me on phone.

Merry Christmas dear in adavnce.

Yours sincerely,

Antholin house,
71 queen street EC4N 4TL,


There are so many alarm bell ringers in this con it is amazing that anyone could fall for it; the scammed must be incredibly naive.  Besides the already mentioned Yahoo address, the lack of interest shown in the menu selection, variety, cost etc was a dead giveaway. Anyone who was charged with genuinely arranging a trip like this would show far more interest and ask questions. The original email was reasonably written, but as the responses continued, the English/spelling and typing became worse and worse. I just love this line. "How are you also getting along with the enchantments of the yuletide?"  And any man that calls me "dear" is looking for trouble!


Finally, the scam itself is genius, but also completely implausible. A travel agent who can not process payments would be out of business faster than you can say Hail Mary. And how is it that the travel agent which is located in the UK, and the travel would have be charged in Sterling, is owed exactly $8,000 to the cent? The "reason" of not providing a credit card to more than one person is also completely illogical. The "Reverend Scumbag" was perfectly prepared to provide his card details to both the agent and to me prior to the agent's system supposedly going haywire. 


I responded to the Reverend telling him that I would be unable to comply with his request as there were GST (tax) implications and could not do it unless he provided an ABN number and GST Tax Invoice, but I would be happy to complete the booking. I doubt I will ever hear from the good Reverend Scammer again. 


Update (31 Dec)


(Thanks to Mark Cohen for another submission; he must be the luckiest guy on earth getting all these "opportunities.") This one is not a wine scam; but never the less it is interesting. Unlike most of the others, it hails from a Russian email address, but is still centred on the UK. Here is the original email.


To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Greetings!

I have been waiting for you since to contact me for your Confirmable Bank Draft of $1,584,319.09 USD, but I did not hear from you since that time. Then I went and deposited the Draft with FEDEX COURIER SERVICE, United Kingdom, I travelled out of the country for a 3 Months Course and I will not come back till end of December.

What you have to do now is to contact the FEDEX COURIER SERVICE as soon as possible to know when they will deliver your package to you because of the expiring date. For your information, I have paid for the delivering Charge, Insurance premium and Clearance Certificate Fee of the Cheque showing that it is not a Drug Money or meant to sponsor Terrorist attack in your Country.

The only money you will send to the FEDEX COURIER SERVICE to deliver your Draft direct to your postal Address in your country is $742.707 USD only being Security Keeping Fee of the Courier Company so far. Again, don't be deceived by anybody to pay any other money except $742.707 USD. I would have paid that but they said no because they don't know when you will contact them and in case of demurrage.You have to contact the FEDEX COURIER SERVICE now for the delivery of your Draft with this information bellow;

Contact Person: Mr. Dominic Leonard
Email Address:
Telephone: +(44)704-571-4XXX

Finally, make sure that you reconfirm your Postal address( ) and Direct telephone number to them again to avoid any mistake on the Delivery and ask them to give you the tracking number to enable you track your package over there and know when it will get to your address.

Let me repeat again, try to contact them as soon as you receive this mail to avoid any further delay and remember to pay them their Security Keeping fee of $742.707 USD for their immediate action.

You should also let me know through email as soon as you receive your Draft.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Anthony Jefson


The guy who sent it must have a warped sense of humour; his email address is Shalom@ which means come/go in peace. It has also been sent to "undisclosed recipients" which should be a dead give away as a scam, as no one in their right mind would be sending over US$1.5 million to a blank distribution list of people. As usual the English is fractured. The email asks the recipient to send US$742.707 to Domenic Leonard at Fedex. Firstly, how do you send point seven of a cent? Secondly, since when does Fedex use a free web mail service (


This one is hoping to catch the really naive and greedy, and unfortunately there are lot of those people out there.    



Update (10 January)


Thanks to Mark, Kirsty Balnaves and Winelist Aust for this submission. Its a variation on an existing scam with little more than the name changed. Here is the email.


From: "Lisa Schlein" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2008 4:32 AM
Subject: New Wine Order

My name is Lisa Schlein ,an American living and working here in the Philippines for the Red Cross as a Humanitarian Effort Coordinator for the East Asian region. Actually when I was around last year during the holidays, I got a bottle of of one of your wines from a friend and I loved the taste .Since then , I have been planning on getting your wines for my birthday party coming up third week of February here in the Philippines. I will be making my payment via my US issued credit card .
I will like to handle the shipping of the wines and the wines will be picked up at your winery by a licensed shipping agency .This shipping agency has all the appropriate exportation documents and permits as i do not want any delays or damages when the wines get here


 I got your contact through your website and I want to know if you will be able to supply me some cases of wines for my upcoming birthday . Concerning the shipping of the wine,i will refer you to the shipping company that will come for the pick up of the wines in your winery once I have made my payment . Kindly get back to me so that I can make my orders .
Lisa Schlein
Coordinator,Humanitarian and Disaster Response.
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

 I loved the response to this email that was sent by Winelist Aust. It said, "Lisa, I suggest you might want to consider a more convincing scam.This one has been around for some time!" It then copied a previous email where the only differences were the name of the originator and the country of origin. 


Update (February 24)


Subject: Interested Offer To Purchase Your Wines

Dear Sir/Madam,

Compliments of the Season to you all.

We came in contact with your name through the Internet as the Manufacturer and Exporters of Wines, and presently we had a serious Purchasing Organisation who is interested to buy your Product in a large quantity under a Contractual payment terms of 100% T/T advance payment.

Therefore If you are able and willing to handle this Contract Suply of your Products here in our region, Then we will then gives you the direct contact of the Purchasing Organisation.

Meanwhile you are required for now to urgently send to us your Product details Specifications and its C/F or FOB delivery pricelist for our submission and approval by the Purchaser. As soon as we receive it and submit to them the total quantity required by them will be send to you.

Please note that we are only Commission Agent in this transaction, and our Company 2% Agent Commission is to be included on the Pricelist which you will send to us for submission and approval by the Endbuyer. The final destination Ports of Delivery is Cotonou Seaport, Republic of Benin, West Africa.

Waiting for your urgent email response, as we are willing to have this Contract handled by your able Company. Furtherstill, feel very free to call me on my direct line (00229) 97 87 43 13 If you requires any urgent information.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Mr Hanny Ope (Director)
Hannop Marketers & Agency
Carre 284 Yenawa Akpakpa
Cotonou, Republic Of Benin                


Update - April 16


Thanks to Cecilia Schubert for this one. It's pretty similar to the rest but the guys command of English is "incredible."


Sent: Thursday, 10 April 2008 6:02 PM
Subject: Wine Order Enquiry ........

Hello ,

Goodday and how are you i hope you are doing real good and alright i wish you a lovely production and sale these season,I am interested in ordering for some wines from you to my location in the Taiwan,I will be paying with my Credit Card for you to charge in US funds,in regards to shipping i am aware of the shipping problems wineries encouter in getting wines shipped so i will have you contact a shipping agent which i have used in the past to pick-it up for some goods shipped directly to my door step location. I await your urgent reply as to the request as soon as possible.

Terry Carla
N:B : I do will like you to kindly get back to me with your reply with the list of available wine in stock in the winery and also a link to the websites of your lovely blended Winery


Update - June 24


Thanks to Mark Cohen for this one. It looks like a possible/probable con. Marks response to the email was, "All of China is looking for 1 - 2 Euro wines and you - without any experience in wine is looking for 10 - 15 Euro wines.

What is it about you that will sell these expensive wines?

What is the proof that Hainan Shengli is your company?

Your business model is not feasible,


From: 兰晶 []
Sent: Monday, 23 June 2008 7:23 PM
To: Mark Cohen
Subject: 回复: purchase wines
Dear Mark :

HAINAN SHENGLI INDUSTIAL CO.LTD is an large-scaled intergrated industial company with the approved registration of SAIC(State Administration of Industry and Commerce) and SETC(State Economic and Trade Commission). Since our reorganization and reform, with great care and support of the government, we have carried out the strategy of cross-industry, cross-regional, diversification and developing multi-industry.

Our scope of business ranges from industial investment, information and technology consultation, international trade to estate development and so on.At present, we have over 30 administration staff which account for 30% of all our stadd. Some of our staff have already reached MBA level. We now have our own automobile carrier, warehouse, factory and other large and medium-sized machinery. Up to now, we have already established stable and good business relationship with over 30 countries and regions including Europe, Southeast Asia,etc.

Facing theincreasingly changing demestic and international market, our staff work hard and raised the overall strength of the company. We can adapt to business operation pattern of differnent country.Our capability of receiving orders has reached international standard while our funds, exoeriences and talents are accumulated.

With the service tenet of business integrity, equality and mutual benefit, we search our further development. With the strength of funds, talents and technology, we have already become an economic entity owning more and more social influences and competitive strength in and outside Hainan province.

Our company is a new-branched department ,we are mainy in purchase wines from foreign countries directly and can be used into group purchase beacause we have some passenger resources in china .Our first order is 28800 bottles wihich contains 60% of red wines and 40% of white wines ,the price is between 5-20 ERUO per bottle (a price on FOB ),but it is best price is 10-15 ERUO per bottle .The mouthfeel of the wines must a little sweet and suit asial tastes .we don't know their tastes ,so i hope you could choose some well received wines which within our required for us ,attached a detail price list and catalog ,even the samples to us .we haven't import wines from any other countries ,so we sincerely want to start our business with you .

Waitting for the news !
Best regards !

(See below - Update September 12 - for further details.)


Thanks to Greg Dykstra for this one. It's pretty similar to the rest but is from a new player.


From: james john []
Sent: Friday, June 13, 2008 12:16 AM
Subject: wines for my birthday...............................


My name is Maxwells Brown, an American .I live and work here in Tokyo,Japan.Actually when I was around last year for Christmas holiday, I got a bottle of one of your wines from a friend as a gift and I love the taste Since then , I have been planning on getting your wines for my birthday party ...coming up 3RD week of july, here in Tokyo, Japan.I got your contact through your website and I want to know if you will be able to supply me some cases of wines for my upcoming birthday .I will be making my payment via my American based credit card .I am registered with a shipping agency in U.K, which has representatives in USA .So you are not get the wines shipped but the wines will be picked up at your location by this licensed shipping agency .The shipping agency have all the appropriate exportation documents and permits Therefore concerning the shipping of the wines , I will refer you to this shipping company that will come for the pick up of the wines in your location once I have made my payment .They have got like items shipped to me here twice without any delay .Kindly get back to me so that I can make my orders.



Anyone who falls for this one has got to be as thick as a rugby  front row forward. 


Update - June 29


This one came direct to me so I thought I would have a little fun and string him along.  I received an email wanting to purchase wine racks!


From: adams joe []
Sent: Friday, 27 June 2008 10:04 AM
To: TORBWine
Subject: Order

Am Mr Adams and i will like to order some wine rack from your shop I will appreciate if you can email me with the types and prizes you have in stock as well as the method of payment you accept so i can know the quantity to order.Thank you.

Best Regards,
Mr Adams

What a weird request. It should ring more alarm bells than a fire station.  I responded: "My Father has the same first name as you do; Mr.

So Mr, what sort of wine racks are you after and where do you want them delivered."


Joe baby responded in seconds....

Hello Cheers
Thanks for the mail i do appreciate.I will like to Order for the Pine Wine Racks so lets me know the price of one then i will lets u know the quantity i want.And if u don't have some lets me know the types u have in stock.And here is the address where the goods are going below:
269 ashaley botwe st
Lome-Togo 00228



If the alarm bells are not worrying the life out of you now, you must be comatose! Or completely stupid. Or both. Wine rack delivered to a hotel in some God forsaken place in West Africa and the knucklehead whose buying them has no specification. My response....


"Hello Mr,

Well the heck is Lome-Togo? What country?

How would you get the racks there?"


Knucklehead again responded in seconds; he must needs these racks damn badly!

Hello Cheers
Thanks for the mail.Sir i will like my Order Total to be $5000 so advice me with the quantity and will like to know if you accept all major credit cards for payment.

What! He doesn't answer any of my questions, but wants to spend $5,000 of his hard earned buying plonk racking and he is desperate to get them. You can see the drool coming from his mouth as he thinks about them. Could this be too good to be true? No way. It must be real. About as real as a $3 bill.  My response....


"Hello Mr,

As I asked you in the previous email, where are you located and how will the goods get to you. You have not answered that question. I need to understand this before we can go any further.

I too am waiting…."

Drool man again responded quickly; he can just smell the aroma of fresh pine varnish from the racks. 

Hello Sir
As for now am on business trip at London and the goods are going to Togo to my client

What? He is not buying the racks for his own wine cellar. I am devastated. Almost devastated enough to not notice that once again he is not answering my questions.   My dispirited response was....


"Hello Mr,

How do you intend to get the good from me to Togo?

Still waiting….."


The man who has shattered my heart soon responded....

Thanks for the reply, after the purchase i would like you to contact a courier which would be picking up the units from your shop or warehouse as soon as you sum up the total cost together with the freight charges and i proceed to make payment, shipping arrangement would be made for the units to reach my client successfully.Standing by to hear from your respond to proceed further.


Ouch. Now I have to deal with international shipping agents to secure this all important order that could make or break my business. Getting the sale is not going to be so easy after all.  My response was...


"Hi Mr,

I have contacted my courier company, The Mouse Mickey Movers (also known as 3M) and have obtained a quote from them to get the racks to you. Unfortunately it is not inexpensive, but as they use UDL to move overseas freight, so their hands are tied. Including insurance, door to door, the freight will cost $1,359. Ouch! I hope this will not mess up the deal. To sweeten the deal and lessen the pain, I could always throw in a number of thumbscrews to go with the racks, they may come in handy.

If this quote of $6,739 is acceptable, please let me know how you would like to pay for it. We offer a discount for cash but I guess that may not be possible in your case.

Sitting down waiting to hear from you too."


He will need to be sitting down when he sees the cost of freight. It must have given Ol' Joe's heart a bit of a turn as it took him four minutes to respond this time.  

Thanks for the mail i do appreciate.The shipping company u introduce to me is too high so i will like you to contact this international shipping company that they do door to door delivery,here is there address below:

That seems completely Kosher. I mean my quote was a tad high, so I can understand our cost conscious purchaser trying to save a buck or two by using an international freight forwarding company that has no Google listing and a Yahoo email address. My response...


"Yes, I know its expensive, but the goods have to be shipped from Australia. I have contacted my shipping company and they tell me that Fastnet Shipping Company does not operate in Australia. "


That must have thrown him for a loop! It took almost three hours for him to respond with....


Hello Cheers
I use to work with that shipping company they are international so go ahead and contact them now for me to quote.



Hummm; this is getting difficult! I fired off this one....


"Hi Mr,

Our business is selling wine racks, something we do extremely well because we are so well priced, have a huge range of goods and we really look after our customers. Arranging freight within Australia is something we do all the time, but we normally do not ship overseas and have very limited experience with this sort of thing.

I am more than happy to help you, but if you want the excrement freighted to some exotic destination using a specific contractor, you need to arrange the freight yourself. This should not be difficult if you have worked with them previously.

Waiting..... but its not as much fun as roo ting. "


I never heard back from ol's mate Joe, so I can only presume he prefers waiting to roo ting, or is he so busy roo ting that he has forgotten that he is keeping me waiting?


Update - July 23

Our mate Maxwells Brown has now moved onto the wineries in Germany. I have just received an email confirming he is quite active there at the moment. However as their Federation has alerted its members, no doubt he will move onto another country soon. However,  in this scam it looks like there may even be a double whammy involved. Maxwells is trying to trick the winery into paying the freight by Western Union transfer to some bogus operation and then picking up the wine and having it delivered off shore. The particular German winery Maxwells was trying to Scam found this story and sent him the link. His response was, "MY GOD!!!



When I saw this response I laughed.  It sounded like a petulant child yelling and stamping their feet in the supermarket because their mother would not buy them the chocolate bar they wanted.  


A new one sent to my mate Mark Cohen. This guy Larry Kay is so desperate to buy "stuff" he does not even try to be subtle about the purchase. No types of goods are mentioned. Anyone who falls for this has got to be really naive. Perhaps I should offer to sell him 5 kg of gold plated manure, because his email is full of it.

From: Larry Kay []
Sent: Thursday, 24 July 2008 7:31 PM
To: mark@
Subject: items enquire,,


We are contacting you with the aim of making some purchase from your company.Send a return email to us with the following details:
-If you can ship out of your country and i will need the goods ship to my clinet west african.
-Shipping destination Nigeria/Benin with Fedex, UPS, Chronopost and DHL -Do you have a minimum order.
-Do you accepts credit card as a method of payment (Visa, Master&Amex) We are looking forward to hearing from you with regards to our request.

Best regards,

Another new one sent to my mate Mark Cohen. This is a variation on the I want to book dinner for my staff con. Talk about inept! It must have been written by a newbie to the con game.


Booking And Enquiry

Greetings Sir/Madam,

I am Dr Roberto Montiel, I want to book Wine (drink) for our staffs who will be visiting your city for honeymoon.
Note: any drink will be Ok.
Details of the Reservation:
Date: 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th, October 2008,
They are 4 couples,no number of the couples 4.

2. The Daily cost for the 6 peoples for the required dates
3. The total cost for the length of their stay of the of the 6 peoples.
4. Mode of payment credit card.
Arrival Date: 1st October
Departure Date:7th October
Number Of People: 8
Dr Roberto Montiel
Tel +447045707XXX

Update - Sept 12

In reference to Hainan Shengli above, according to Todd at a NZ wine producer, "Their scam is asking for a 5% “quality assurance bail”, which the supplier (us) pays before the Hainan payment is made, this will be “refunded” upon receipt of the goods and acceptance of the quality.

We also we have been approached by Guilin Kenlong Trade Co.,LTD, which also looks dodge, their website kenlong is amateur at best and it looks like they are trying to pass themselves off as Kenlong Speaker Manufacturers. I have a friend from business school working in Macau and she is looking into them for me but if you have any information regarding Guilin it would be most useful."



Thanks to Brian for this one - its a variation on the book a restaurant them above.

From: lloyd dawson <>


Dear Sir/Madam

My name is eng Lloyd Dawson, chief engineer yukus oil London UK , we are interested in booking your rooms for a buisness summit .we will be visiting your country once every two months for a buisness summit

Kindly get back to me with the total cost for the 3 SINGLE occupancy for 10 nights. email me back with final price/total cost for the rooms for the

whole stay for consideration and payment but we can pay with credit card.


Arrival / Check-in Date = 20th NOVEMBER 2008 Departure / Check-Out Date=30th NOVEMBER 2008.

Hope to hear from you soonest with the total cost for the stay.

kind regards

eng Lloyd Dawson

+44 702 407 1XXX


These scams just keep coming and unfortunately when people get caught, they are the ones who can least afford it. If you are the recipient of any of these wine scams, or scams with a change of name, please let me know and I will include new information. When people do internet searches, these pages will come up and may help save some person from being scammed.


Link to More Scams - Non Wine Related


Feel free to submit your comments!

From: Mark Cohen

11/10/2007 16:26:36 Maybe your readers can help poor Uba or Aluba.

West Africa needs Wine,


From: Uba Stanley []

Dear Sir,

We are interested in importing your wineS [Red & White] products. We have been importing from third parties and because of disappointment and Inadequate supply we are prompted look for reliable and direct producers.
We have gone through your website and believed that with your experience that your company will be able to meet our demands.
We will be very glad if your company will grant us this opportunity to Represent you in Nigeria and West Africa as whole.
Kindly send your brands quotation, price list and your terms & conditions. Your immediate reply will be highly appreciated.

PHONE: 234806460XXXX
FAX: 2348224XXXX

From: Lourdes Negrillo

11/15/2007 05:13:10 Hello!

I work in an olive oil company in Spain. Found your information really useful, since I was contacted by the first e-mail you refer to.

I think there should be a website just on scams... One day I may go for it and do it, because I have lots and lots of examples too.

Well, I just wanted to say THANKS!


From: Ben Daimler

11/20/2007 04:24:50 Hi, when I was researching a possible buyer I found your article. In particular I am interested in Guilin Trading, as they want to close a deal with us.

My question: could anyone tell me anymore about Guilin Trading and how their scam works?

Many thanks in advance,

Ben Daimler

TORB Responds: Ben I have had a number of emails asking the same question. From what I have been able to gather, it is possible for telegraphic transfers to bounce. Merchants assume that once they have an authorisation for a credit card that the funds are safe and they will be paid, but we now know that is not the case, they can bounce many weeks later.

I think a TT's coming out of China can be subject to the same problem.

From: Wine List Australia

11/25/2007 23:22:47 Subject: ORDER OF WINE

Dear Sir/Madam

Iam Mr. John Brown, an American Businessman based in Accra, Ghana.
I need the following.
1. 120 bottles of Upton Run Reserve Shiraz 2005
2. 60 bottles of Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve NV

I want to know the following informations;
1. The total cost of the product
2. Shipping cost to Accra, Ghana.

l want this order to be an international order ship vie FedEx or UPs to Accra, Ghana.

As soon as l receive these informations, l will not hesitate to forward to you my credit card information for processing.
Thank you very much for your co-operation and hoping to hear from you soon.

Best regards

From: David Wilson

11/27/2007 22:25:08 Another type of scam.

We recently received an E mail request to supply a quantity of stainless steel shelving. A staff member replied with a price,a day later another E mail saying our price was OK and please use one of the following credit cards. The credit card went through ok then a day later another E mail saying that he had a quote of $4400.00 to air freight the goods, please use one of the following credit cards. The credit card payment was processed and went through without a problem.

The next bit is the scam. As the freight company is based in Africa please forward by Western Union a money order to our freight company as they do not accept credit cards, BUT I had read your article.

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